UV-C light desinfection

It kills 99,9% of known germs and bacteria for surfaces by breaking their DNK material.

Safe and easy to use

With implemented security and proper handling it is very safe to use.​

Furniture like

Nice accessory to your home. Different colors can be selected by purchase.

Without special maintenance

Light power will last over 9.000 hours of usage. So it is enough for two years of continous usage.​


With our Ultra Clean Cube sanitizer you can take care of daily higiene against germs, microbes and viruses. Because of it’s versatility it is useful for cleaning small items and bigger ones too. From keys, phones, handbag and shopping bag content, work and sporting equipment and more.

Easy and safe to use, you can prevent germs and bacteria to spread in your houlsehold or office.


With a original Ultra Clean Cube for home, you can be assured with it’s versatility and quick effect that germs will be gone for sure!

As a furniture you can place it in your hallway as a stool or sitting bench and make it usable in different ways.

One hand operation and quick results will lead you in using HomeCube each time you come home.

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Professional solution for shops and disinfection of shopping trolleys. With additional options can be used as a phone charging unit and sanitizer.


Renting a ShopCube is available upon request.


Smart lightning system with UV-C lights for sanitising your home when you are not present.

Adding special aplications or standalone lights into your premises you will have disinfected and sanitized rooms all the time.

how to use your HomeCube?



First, prepare a cloth with disinfectant or cleaner and make sure you have enough room for disinfection Divide the space in front of the appliance into a clean and unclean part. Then place objects on an unclean part of the room in front of the appliance.



Connect the appliance (if not already) and open the lid. Keep in mind that you have dirty hands! As you can see, you will touch a few points on the appliance that will become "infected":
- the front panel of the appliance,
- the edge of the appliance cover,
- the unclean part of the space in front of the appliance.

UV-C desinfection


Insert objects, arrange them across the net, and close the appliance cover.
When you press the button, you can wash your hands.
Use a cloth and a disinfectant or cleaner to clean the front panel of the appliance, the edge of the lid, and other spots that become "dirty" during use.

End of use


Open the lid with a cloth, wipe the edge of the lid, and use disinfected hands to take clean objects out.
Put them in a CLEAN part of the place!
Wash or disinfect your hands once more and wipe off any contact area once more.
Of course, for the interior of the appliance cleaning is not needed.

Order now!

HomeUVCube appliances are currently available in white.
Optionally, we can make them the selected texture, for which contact us. The finished product may be slightly different from the photos as we are still refining the appliance. Appliances may also differ in terms of operating time, since they may contain different types of lamps and thus maintain operating efficiency by adjusting operating time. The functionality of the appliance is microbiologically verified and the functioning of the apliance is adjusted accordingly.

Until the end of the COVID19 epidemic, appliances are only available in white, contact us for other colors or patterns!



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