UVC standalone lamp

129.00 99.00 (Cena z DDV: 120.78)

Standalone UVC lamp for disinfection of small rooms with UVC radiation and ozone. It has three intervals of operation (15.30, 60 minutes). Management is easy. There must be no living beings in the room during the radiation!

Great for disinfecting with conjuction of dry fog based on hydrogen peroxide!

UVC standalone lamp

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Standalone UVC lamp is used for surface disinfection of rooms and items.

The lamp has a 30 second interval before starting operation and then a optional 15, 30 and 60 minute radiation interval. Select the appropriate irradiation length according to the area of ​​the room.


Room size lamp power Disinfection time Ventilation time
10m2 40 W 15 min 10 min
20m2 40 W 15 min 10 min
40m2 40 W 15 min 10 min
10m2 60 W 15 min 10 min
20m2 60 W 15 min 10 min
40m2 60 W 15 min 10 min
60m2 60 W 30 min 10 min
60 – 100m2 150 W 15 min 10 min
100 – 150m2 150 W 20 min 15 min

Caution: There should be no people or animals in the premises during operation, as UVC light can damage the cornea and cause skin cancer.


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