ShopUVCabinet for quick disinfection of clothes

Given the current situation in the opening of clothing stores, we responded by preparing a special disinfection device ShopUVCabinet. The device allows surface disinfection of clothing and other items. With the help of UVC light and ozone, it effectively disinfects clothes that have been worn or worn in a short time.

Thus, the clothes are available for reuse immediately after disinfection, which is done easily and fast.

ShopUVCabinet cabinet is usually installed with hangers for clothes and a lower meshed shelve, where users can place smaller objects, accessories, or shoes.

Each version of the device is microbiologically tested and set to destroy all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms that can be spread by touch or in the air during operation. This greatly shortens or even eliminates the “quarantine” time. The method of disinfection with UVC light and ozone does not harm the products themselves because there is no mechanical contact. On the contrary, wiping is certainly a less appropriate and much more expensive way to disinfect clothing.

Different ways to use UVCabinet disinfection device

Multiple use with different interior

The Interior has a special reflective foil. This foil provides the reflection of UV-C light to all corners so which further increases the power of disinfection. You can use the internal mesh to disinfect small items as well.

Easy to operate

The cabinet includes all the necessary safety mechanisms for working with UV-C radiation. All details are in the enclosed user manual you receive at the time of purchase.

They are available in different types of material (front panel, doors).

Different textures of material

If you want to “feel” the material.

Available from basic to exotic types of wood

A furniture item that looks nice.

Different colors of material

Suitable for perfect integration with existing furniture. You can choose from more than 60 colors of material.

Customers can choose the color of the material and just the size of the cabinet, as well as the handles and other decorations of the furniture to make the final product nicely matched to the existing furniture in the store.

Sketch of a typical ShopUVCabinet cabinet, always custom made

The ShopUVCabinet disinfection machine is suitable for the entire store, as the operating time is very short (depending on the lights and the results of microbiological measurements, we expect up to 10 minutes) and can cover the needs of all departments in the store.

The price depends on the quantity and design (dimensions, colors, interior design). Contact us for more information and a personalized offer.